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Work, MAD Gamers, LAN Parties.

Well, I'm updating this from work. Really interesting things going on with the whole Mackay LAN Party thing. Here's a rough rundown of things that have happened so far, from my viewpoint:

* MAD Gamers (aka Cara Williams, Tony Brydges) announce that they are holding a LAN Party at the YWCA in Mackay on Saturday the 15th of July.

* On Thursday the 13th of July, the YWCA Committee emails MAD Gamers back, basically telling them they must pay $600 up front ($100 usage, $500 "Electricity Bond") to be able to use it from 8am - 5pm.

* MAD Gamers promptly put out the alert that the LAN is cancelled.

* My friend Adam, a very outspoken and dedicated person, decided to find an alternate venue himself for MAD Gamers. He did, and it was a cool venue, too. He basically got a warehouse for $100 for the entire weekend.

* MADG Come late Friday night (14th July) to inspect said venue. After some arguing (because Adam is pushy, and wanted to be in with Cara and Tony as Admin for MADG) MADG accepted the venue, more or less. At least, they didn't say they wouldn't use it.

* Saturday, 15th July. A rough number of about 20 people turn up at various times during the day (starting from 9am). Cara, Tony and his brother Darren (who is apparently also admin for MADG but doesn't have a lot of say) also noticeably show up and also participate in the LAN. I would suggest this implies MADG approval of the venue.

* Did I also mention that it was supposed to be $10 entry? Adam for some reason managed to get himself and a bunch of his friends "in for free", considering that everyone was supposed to pay.

* MADG collects all monies on the day, however Adam sees none of it - not even for hire of the warehouse. This is what constitutes a royal screw-over, in his and also in my opinion.

Cara Williams and Tony Brydges have stepped way out of line. Okay, about maybe 6 of us did not pay to get in, however I am almost positive that all of us will have no problems with paying that money anyway. That would still leave Adam $40 out of pocket. Did I neglect to mention that Adam bought a 16-port hub more or less for the occasion? This means Adam is still out of pocket for all these, and not likely to see the cash any time soon.

* Monday, 17th, and Tuesday 18th of July. Flame war erupts on the MADG Message board regarding things like who is an Admin and also the issues described above. MADG suddenly starts blocking Adam (and his advocate Chris) from the message board.

* Thursday, 20th July. I get a phone call from Adam, he wants my support for his new group, The LAN. As Adam is extremely organised, rallying support from various commercial and educational interests from around the city in the space of a couple of days (whether he has actually done this or not is up to the reader to decide; I have evidence until I see for my own eyes the proof), I'll certainly add my support. I'm confident he will have a large number of people present for his LAN Party, despite numbers being low for the First (technically) MADG Lan.

Where things go from here, we'll just have to see. I for one certainly hopes Adam is successful, as being screwed over in such a way really is a low act.


Steve P
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