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MAME, work.

Well, like I said in my previous post, I'm at work at the moment. I have to install Publisher 2.0 and Works on all the brand new computers here, which really isn't going to take a whole lot of time.

At home, I've started playing with MAME. I'm finding it very fun at the moment, you can get ROM's from here. This morning before work I was playing Snow Bros. (Remember that ??) and also Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (a Capcom Final Fight-esque game). Lots and lots of fun; can't wait to get some of the good ol' shoot-em ups. I already have 1942 and 1943.

I found I couldn't get the DOS version of it working, I had to get MAME32 ... make sure you click on the "Other Ports" link down the bottom of the page I linked to above. Can't wait to get some of the classics!

I spose I should be doing my assignments ... ahh but this is so much fun ;)

One last thing, I'm going to visit my girlfriend on Sunday. I can't wait ... wish I was there already, I miss her so much =(


Steve P
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