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X-men, meetings and stuff.

Went and saw X-men tonight (with my free movie tickets from Dingoblue!), it pretty much lived up to the reviews I'd read of it. The quality acting is done by Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellar; the director went for an even balance, catering for somewhere between mainstream film-goers and frothing-at-the-mouth X-men fanatics. Nicely done, in my honest opinion, although after the ending its probably Hollywood's next attempt at garnering a hefty sum of the public's money.

Dropped an email to my colleagues in the user group we sort of maintain; hopefully a couple of them will show up for the next meeting. I make for a horrible organiser of stuff. But I'll keep trying.

Right now I'm really tired, my sleeping pattern seems to have adjusted quite amiably, and now I'm back to sleeping at "regular" hours instead of during the day.

Goodnight, my captive audience.

P.S. Cougar, if you're waiting for me to do something, stop waiting. I'll do it eventually, but when I'm ready.


Steve P
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