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I'm sitting here, with what seems like a light sheen of sweat all over me. Since the rain it has predictably turned very very muggy. There is so much moisture in the air. Dry heat is okay, I can handle dry heat. Its when its like this that it seems to sap my energy the most. I can't really blame it on the heat, though.

So I sit here, sweating profusely, trying to cut and paste a decent cover letter for a job application. So I can get a full-time job, so I can earn money, so I can pay off the few small debts I have and get back to what I should be doing - living my life comfortably, without very many worries at all.

There are some days, and it doesn't happen often, where I cannot stand myself, or my life. I feel so average about my achievements. I don't seem to have any tangible achievements. I feel average about my education. On the one hand, I pretend to be intellectual, when in reality I'm not so intelligent. I'm smart enough to know you don't have to have much natural intelligence to be intelligent.

If we (humans) have a single common goal what would it be? To survive.

Today is not one of those days.


Steve P
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