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Hard rain

I haven't been updating because I've been busy doing other things.

Its been raining heavily for the last day or so, and there's tons of things that have been flooded because of it. Mostly bridges, but low streets in Mackay got flooded.

I took my computer out to uni last night again to leech using their T1, but then left it too late to pack and go home; the rain had been going strong for a while. The road out from uni was flooded; some slow driving and peering out through a fogged up windscreen was enough to get us through that, though. Lots of dirt had washed over the road too, making it lumpy.

Because of the intensity of the rain it made it difficult to drive much over 80 km/h unless you were a total moron (or had a better car). Wrapped the back of the computer (it has lots of open slots plus two fans) in plastic so could run it out to the car from uni; it only got wet on top (which, as it happens, is plastic, and easily wiped off).

I'm operating under a lack of sleep at the moment, when I drove home last night I'd had two hours sleep for the full 48 hours.

Sorry I didn't tell you Emma, I didn't want you to worry unnecessarily about me =)

I got plenty of sleep today though, so its cool.

In other stuff:
I've been testing Altiris Vision, a teaching tool which does remote control, supervision, demo'ing, hilighting and all sorts of neat comp lab teaching stuff. I've been using it to do stuff on other computers without getting up; its neat =)

I've gotta test Altiris Express next, because apparently its easier to use than Ghost; I've never used Ghost, but I wish they had it. We'll soon see.

Got the Everglide mousepads in the mail yesterday. All I can say is I want one. Even if I never use it for gaming, its still a damn good mouse pad (I don't think it should be called a pad though).

That should be enough.


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Nov. 16th, 2000 08:34 pm (UTC)
Hey, Stephen,

It has only been drizzling out here fortunately, but its been doing it ALL DAY, nice weather otherwise :).
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Steve P

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