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I know I haven't written in my journal for a while, but thats because I just spent the better part of four days visiting my girlfriend.

Right now I'm at work, relaxing for the last 20 minutes. Some of you may mutter "lazy friggin sysadmin ..." however I believe today, this afternoon, I think I deserve a little rest.

Actually, (and this just came to me now) I remember reading my stars before and they read something along the lines of "you should buy a lottery ticket because today is your lucky day". The significance of that is that its true, this really is my lucky day.

DIY Heart de-fibrillation (aka "Playing with old power supplies") is the theme underlining todays journal entry. About an hour or so ago, I opened up a computer to check the chipset on the video card. No problems, put it back together, plug it in, switch it on. Nothing. Hmm. Re-seat connections. Still nothing.

So I drag it back to the computer lab to take a closer look at it. Hmm, I think to myself, the PSU fan isn't spinning up. Possible PSU failure. So I rummage around the spare parts that are in the computer lab, and find a box of old AT-style PSU's. Perfect, I grab one, and proceed to swap the one I found with the apparently dud one in the computer. All set, I switch it on. Still nothing.


So I pull out the power supply I just put in, and start testing the dud one. No PSU fan. I grab the old one, box in left hand, switch in right hand. Click click. PSU fan starts up, then stops. Hmm. Click click click click click click -

-muffled scream- oh jesus!

At this point I was actually lifted out of the chair I was sitting on with whatever amount of electricity that was running through that old power supply (and me) at the time. Through some stroke of luck (or maybe a safety switch; or both) I dropped the PSU completely and managed to fall prone on the floor.

Some muttered prayers and oaths were quickly followed by a shaky kick of the power cord out of its socket.

So frankly, yes, I'm going to buy a fucken lotto ticket today.


Steve P
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