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I'm off to bed. Not many jobs on offer in Brisbane at the moment, its mostly Sydney. *sigh*.

Darryl soldered the power and reset buttons back together so now I have buttons on my case again. He also found a small heatsink to glue to one of the chips on my voodoo2. It does keep it cool, however there is still two other chips overheating terribly.


Got in major trouble Friday night because I promised I'd ring Emma by 11 but I forgot. I fucking hate how I seem to forgot things. I am so forgetful.

He also lent me an Intel EthterExpress 10/100 network card.


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Nov. 18th, 2000 01:12 pm (UTC)
Not to worry Stephen, I'm sure Emma will forgive you. And you are not forgetful, cause you wouldnt be successful in your job if you were :)
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Steve P

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