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Late night things.

Am up late applying for jobs, and doing other silly things.

Last night I played a little too much with my fresh install of linux, and managed to corrupt the file table for my primary windows partition.

Needless to say I'm not very happy about it (neither is my father who had all his work documents on there).

No backup, so its all gone. It hurts to lose 3 years of university assignments and countless other bits and bobs I had gathered over the years.

I spose I could look upon it as some sort of sign that I'm overdue for a clean slate and change in my life. Ooh, I can't post again without posting a picture of Nova with her new collar (which has been well chewed on by now).

With the fresh install of Windows 2000, I can now use the QuickCam software (with which I can take photos easily). So maybe some more photos now!


Steve P
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