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Um, yeah. Our big LAN party was on last weekend. It started Friday night at 9pm, I took a whole bunch of stuff in. Included was a bottle of vodka, and as such I can't remember much of Friday night. I'm told I wasn't much of a drunk (I guess there aren't many that are).

I woke up about 1pm Saturday, the LAN was already heavily underway; the sleep and binge had brought me that state of awareness that I miss sometimes; only problem was that I was still under the influence of the vodka, up until 6pm or so.

The weekend overall went really really well, it stands as our best yet. Lots of prizes given away, everyone had a ball. One guy brought a projector, so we had a Quake 3 game up on a partition. Very cool.

We finally finished cleaning the place up at 7:30am, I crashed at Damian's house even though he wasn't home and finally got home by 4pm.

I've just been up all night playing Diablo II, I just finished killing Diablo. My barb Lachlan is now level 26.


Steve P
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