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Luck(?), weird dreams, and loving parents.

The good news just keeps on happening today. I just found out I have a two week extension on my 25396 assignment, which is great seeing as I haven't really started it, although I was planning on starting it tonight.

My kitten has finally calmed down enough that she's not leaving permanent scarring on my wrists and hands, which is a distinctly good thing.

Well, I don't think I won the lotto. No big surprises there, really. But another bit of, well, spookiness I guess you could call it.

I've got this bit of hematite (its a metallic looking bit of stone) my Mum bought for me last year sometime that I have hung around my neck all the time. And I mean all the time - the only time I take it off is to have a shower. Kind of like a good luck charm, maybe. Who knows? I wear it to remind me of my parents, as well as a quasi-all around good luck charm.

In fact, due to a few unexpected events, today is the only day in over a year that I haven't worn it. And today, I get electrocuted.

Some other funny things that have happened to me today (note this is being written a bit later at night than the first paragraph):

* This morning I had a very weird and unsettling dream about me and my ex-girlfriend. Maybe I'll tell you all later, probably in my next post. It really freaked me out.

* Tonight my parents "had a talk" with me. See, I left them a note when I left (seeing as how I wouldn't see them) and there was one line (in a full page of printed text) which really got their hackles up - I accused them of not leaving me any food. It was looking like a typical "I'm concerned ..." chat when Dad turned around and said something I haven't heard him say in a long while ... "I love you very much and I'm very proud of both you and your brother." Who cares if he added my brother, HE ACTUALLY SAID IT. I honestly can't remember the last time he said that to me, and to tell the truth I almost cried with happiness.

* Also with my parents, they've (well, Dad, but anyway) decided to buy me a new video card and a cheap 3Gb hard drive so they can finally have their own computer, and not have to put up with me carting mine around the place all the time and stuff.

Just a couple of cappers to an otherwise extraordinary day. Not a good day, not a bad day, but definitely one of the weirder ones I've had in a long time.


Steve P
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