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Listening to Powderfinger. (Yay Bernard!) Went to the staff Christmas party last night. It was kind of boring, really, but I had a few beers and tried to get into the spirit of it. My computer room associate Noel drank a half bottle of rum before it had even started, so he was legless for the majority of the night. I pity his wife, who came about five minutes after he arrived. When she saw him in the state he was, she went all quiet and I'm guessing she didn't have much of a night; Noel ignored her for the most part.

Oh well. He's going to cop it on Wednesday when I see him (and will have been copping it for Monday and Tuesday as well, not to mention today and tomorrow from his wife).

I found 2.5gb of MP3's in my uploads directory from the last lan. Just rifling through them now, some good stuff here =)


Steve P
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