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Well I just got off the phone from my girlfriend (its 1:45am) who lives in Emerald, which is about 380kms away from me. She's is quite frankly the love of my life and by far the best girlfriend I've ever had (although that's not saying much; she's #2).

I just made myself a big bowl of microwave popcorn. Lovely for these cold, late nights! My friend Cougar has been waiting for me to get off the phone so I can submit my first journal entry ... here you go buddy =)

My duties I have allocated for myself tonight are to sort through and organise my Magic: The Gathering trading cards to be sent away. I just sold them by auction on ebay.

This is rather a sore point with me; the cards are worth over $2000 US (I have over 4500 cards) yet I am forced to sell them for less than $400 because

* I don't want to sell them individually over ebay
* Waiting for people in my local area to buy them individually or as a whole for a higher price is a waste of time. There isn't enough interest in the game for that to happen
* Nobody will bid on them if there is a reserve; and if I set the minimum bid too high again nobody will bid on it. In fact, this is the second time I have run this auction, the first time I ran it on ebay the minimum bid was $350, and this time the minimum bid was $300.

-sigh- Shit happens, I guess.

Last week I got my kitten from my gf and to say I dote on it is a massive understatement. It loves me too, I think. Its constantly crawling, walking, and playing all over me, the chair I'm sitting on, the desk (I have a big big desk) and the computer, too.

Actually its starting to take an interest in my popcorn now!

This livejournal thing is just great. Top marks to, um, Brad? I think thats who started it, anyway.


Steve P
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