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All set and ready to go.

Well, I've managed to just about wrap up my affairs here in Mackay, on the offchance (fingers crossed) that I'll be moving to Brisbane permanently.

The main thing that I've organised is a computer for my parents. This is so I can take mine with me, of course. We've had an old motherboard and chip for a while; the chip we had (P120) is stuffed. Darryl lent/gave us a working P133; I stole my 32mb DIMM back from Damian/Adam/Chris/Darryl/whoever else had it; put the old no-name video card in it and a sound card I had lying around. I gave them my CD-ROM and floppy drive, Brendon donated his 1.6Gb HDD (which we found out later had slightly stuffed drive electronics). A little bit of fiddling, some installing of software, and its up and running.

Brendon bought a new Fujitsu 10Gb HDD from Darryl to replace the 1.6, and a parrallel port ISA card to plug his scanner into because the scanner software can't detect the scanner on LPT1.

Other stuff I've done is organise the whole Centrelink/Job searching thing ... getting my resume updated and applying for various jobs so I fill my part of the bargain with the rest of society. I've organised some final stuff with the LAN group so that things will run just as smoothly without me there on the day. Darryl's going to pay me, so I'll have some money when I get down to Brisbane, until some tax clippings get deposited in my account.

I'm immensely excited!


Steve P
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