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Friends, movies, user groups.

I'm having a big milo now. When I say a big milo, I mean a big milo. I've got this cool 1 litre coke glass which I use for milo, and because of the shape of it, its perfect for milo. Yum.

I forgot to feed Nova (my not-so-small kitten) last night but I did feed her before I went to bed around 1am, so at least she didn't starve last night.

A good friend came over to show me his very cool new car CD player, so he took me for a drive to go get a couple of movies. The local video store didn't have it, so we went into Mackay to get it. The movie we watched was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Now that is one trippy film. You really have to watch it to understand what I mean. The other film I got is called Full Metal Jacket, which is another great film.

I'm just sitting around here at the moment doing absolutely bugger all ... I might write a letter up that I'm sposed to for my user group. Hopefully it will get us another (better) room to have meetings in and also be able to trash our computers in.


Steve P
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