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Heylo from Brisbane!

Well, I got down here and immediately started applying for jobs.

Thats okay, because its just the same as applying for them in Mackay: no response. Bah. On top of this is the realisation I have only two weeks, not three, until Big Day Out, which means two weeks to look for jobs. I don't like my chances, but it doesn't mean I won't try.

I went and visited Paris today, one of my best friends from Mackay who moved here in June or July last year. It was good to see him. He has frosted tips. =)

We went for lunch (Subway!) down at Westfield Chermside, and found this cool little shop called "The Cap Factory" where they embroid just about any cap that you choose or bring to them with tons of different designs ... yeah ... this is the big sticks now!! Hehehe. Of course I had to get one, here they are:

Front of my new hat   Back of my new hat

Its too bad I can't wear it to our JAN-LAN.


Steve P
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