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Fun fun fun

So I had an absolutely fantastic time with Paris over the last couple of days. You'll find out what happened for the majority of it by reading his last entry.

To fill in the gaps:

Getting my hair cut was cheap, (as it tends to be for guys) and as a bonus she told me all about the skin condition on the back of my head that I have had for years but never realised the truth about it (I always thought it was just dandruff). It turns out its cirrhosis (sp?). She recommended a special treatment shampoo and I got tons of tips and advice from both Paris and the hairdresser.

In between internet cafe's, we quickly went clothes shopping (for me). First we went to Target, and although I didn't like the cutoffs or long pants they had there, they had this neat comb-through wash out dye stuff. Very neat, so I bought some of the gold stuff, so Paris and I can have gold hair for BDO. Then we found an open Jeans West (it was 5:30pm by that time) and the *very* helpful shop assistant helped me pick out a pair of pants and a fantastic shirt to go with it.

Playing snooker on the official size table was a blast, I haven't done it since the time with Paris at the RSL. Playing CS was even better, for the first hour or two I sat down and watched this guy who was *really* good try to beat his mate (Shit Monkey) at topping the scoreboard. (I learned a lot of tricks from watching this guy). I finally got on one about 12am, and got into the zone at about 1 or 2am, at which point I started kicking arse. Okay, its probably an exaggeration, but to put it into perspective ... the other two guys who were competing for first place ... well on several maps I was putting them to shame. (I have screenshots to prove it, and will post them soon enough)

Maybe they just weren't used to going all night =)


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Jan. 11th, 2001 08:54 pm (UTC)
Only one response to that.
Xian: "Fantastic night"
Cougar: *Static* "Roger that" *Static*
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Steve P
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