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More news from the front.

Haven't been doing much lately, but then there haven't been that many jobs to apply for. I think I might be doing something wrong, because I should have heard *something* from someone with all the jobs I have been applying for. So far, nada. It makes me wonder what else it might be they are looking for. *shrug*

Mostly playing CS. Went and had a look at GGF today. They had easily 80 people there, with more on the way. Unlike the lan's that Darth Shrike (more on him later) and I talk about, this was a very simple affair. The organiser (Ron/Zorro) simply hires the hall, gets the network set up, tables chairs and ample power. The gamers do the rest. Impressive, to say the least, being able to comfortably handle over 100 gamers. They only half-filled the hall too.

Talked to Emma M, Claire and Liz for a while. Poked fun at Emma M on the messageboard. I wonder sometimes if its good or bad to have almost more female friends than male friends?


Steve P
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