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Sex, sex, sex, sex

No idea why but I'm extraordinarily horny today. I'm sure it'll pass in an hour or two.

Yesterday I went and had coffee with Claire. I also met Wayne, her boyfriend who knows how to drive. (Much fun had in the car! =) They're both cool people, good friends to have =)

I find it intriguing to be taking advice from someone about five years younger than me, but age has never really been much of an issue to me (nor race or sex, for what its worth).

They dropped me off at Paris's, and then we both went up to EmailPlus and a few games of pool and Unreal Tournament (Paris flogged my arse in both). Paris really likes Unreal Tournament (better than Q3 he says! ha ha! I knew it =)

Meanwhile I don't have much money left. I am not relishing the task of requesting some more funds from my brother, so I am going to attempt to get them from somewhere else. More on that later if it works. Emma wants to go to Movieworld, so I would much rather tag along with them than be the guy with no money who has to stay behind and read a book.


Steve P
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