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So I'm definitely leaving Brisbane tomorrow (Thursday). and I'll be back in Sarina on that day.

To say I'm going to miss Brisbane is a big understatement. I could never run out of things to see and do here. I'll still be actively looking for jobs in Brisbane, even though I'll be back in Mackay. At least in Mackay I'll be able to properly organise The LAN.

The unspoken question for those of you who have been talking to me is "What happened with the job prospect?". Well I can assure you if I'm coming home then it means I don't have another job =) I rang them today and they basically said I haven't got the job (usual "thank you for applying and your time" spiel thrust upon me).

I'll be going back to my current/previous position at the Primary school. I have a much clearer idea now than before of how I should be going about job searching, so I should have a bit more luck in that department. I also have a couple of new goals that I have set myself once I start getting some money again; I'll see how those turn out as the year progresses.

For those in Mackay, I can't wait to get back! I miss you guys =)


Steve P
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