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Weird dream

This morning I had a really weird dream. I'm not sure I want to relate it, but then I guess it is a dream. Maybe later.

Work, work, work. I've been working and driving all week and I'm really tired. I don't get any sleep beforehand or I forget to eat because I'm so busy so its really affecting me.

I guess I've been kinda grumpy. Mum and Dad are broke, and so am I until the end of next week. I still need to find about $10-$15 for fuel so I can get out to the outlying schools next Wednesday.

I hate it when I run out of money, so I am going to do something about it. My two primary goals this year are to become debt free. First my CC so I can use that for emergencies, and then my car loan so I can commit that money somewhere else. IE Maybe going overseas =)

It probably hasn't helped things that I decided not to take any more dole payments. I hate dole payments. Its too bad they can't say "this dole cheque came from this area ..." so I can pay them back later when I could.


Steve P
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