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Tired, so very very tired.

I went to a "LAN party" out at uni last night. I stayed longer than I should have, and as a result am really tired for work today. All I can think of right now is sleep.

Yes, I have only myself to blame. I can't exactly say "Oh god, I'm never doing that again", because I know I will at some stage. It sucks being really really tired.

My emotions are a bit messed up at the moment, for those of you who have to put up with me IRL, thanks for doing so.


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Feb. 1st, 2001 08:54 pm (UTC)
Some words of advice to those who wish to work after staying awake for most of the night:

1)Learn to sleep with your eyes open and nod and respond 'ahuh' when someones talking to you. This conserves much energy

2)If possible, delegate your job to someone else. Why think when you can get someone else to think for you?

3)If you're doing something, take it slow and check back on your results. When you're tired, you're going to do things that will seem insane when you are alert.

4)After checking, get someone else who is awake to check it. You seriously think you're going to catch your own flaws? :)

See yas!
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Steve P

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