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Forty-six and two ahead of me.

For the last week I've done a lot of thinking (and working). Thinking about my future with uni, Emma, work, my career, where I live, everything.

Oh, and I have been extraordinarily horny all week long too. But lets not remain on the lesser issues here.

Someone offered me a room at their place in Mackay, for free. So I'm going to take it, but not right now. Maybe in a month or so, when I'm a bit more stable financially. I don't want to seem too keen on it. Emma of course wants to know if she'll be able stay there too when she visits, which is understandable. Its not something I want to breach, unless its urgent.

Then there's Emma, too: Where do I go from here? Do we just remain friends, or do we get back together again? I'm not sure I could look for another woman to fill the emptiness so soon.

I am so goddamn horny this week.


Steve P
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