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Yes, I work at McDonalds. Not for very much longer though, especially not after what happened tonight.

I've worked casual at this particular McDonald's store for about four and a half years now. Of course, I've put up with a lot of "shit" from the managers there over the years (shit being in quotes because its something that is different all the time; one day it could be you didn't shave, next day you're in trouble because you didn't do something "the right way"). Tonight really took the cake though. I'll try to explain as best as I can remember it, although it could be a bit dodgy.

(I'd just like to add before I start that this job has really only ever been a money spinner for me while I do uni and stuff. Nothing more, nothing less)

I went out the back to talk to Trina, who is my girlfriends best friend. Manager walks around and yells at me. He then says "I don't want you talking to Trina again for the rest of the night!".

"So does that mean I'm not allowed to talk to you either for the rest of the night?"

"I don't care. I don't want to talk to you for the rest of the night, anyway."

"Blow me."

"I beg your pardon?"

"I said 'Blow me'".

At this point, he proceeded to completely blow his top. He started by threatening to send me home and never give me shifts again. Later, he continued berating me in the privacy of the office. He called it a "counselling session" ... I asked him several times to calm down (I, of course, was trying my absolute hardest to be cool as a cucumber), however he always yelled back "I am calm! I am calm!".

I also said to him, in no less words, that in all honesty it didn't look to me like a counselling session, and that it was much closer to him simply yelling at me continuously and without pause for breath (in fact, a couple of times he did have to pause for breath, at which point I always grabbed the bull by the horns and asked him to calm down etc).

I think the guy may have a real problem with me. Well, its not just me, but my attitude to him. I have a strong suspicion it may be the fact that he is three years younger than me and that I treat him that way. Well, if I didn't like him before, I hate him now. My mother always told me I should never use the word hate when describing my feelings for someone, to which I always replied "You're right. I loathe them." I loathe this particular manager.

As is per usual, I thought of all the interesting things I could have done and said afterwards. Thats another thing I don't like ... being caught up in the whole "I shoud have said this" thing. Well, in any case, I'm going to quit. Part of me wants to thumb my nose at them and simply refuse to go quietly unless they fire me, but the other, much bigger part of me just wants to quit. Hopefully karma will come back and make that manager pop a ventricle or something while he's having another hissy fit, and he'll have to spend the rest of his life sucking food through a straw.

So, anybody got some good ideas for a resignation letter? Yes, this is a blatant fish for comments. They're kind of addictive I think. I was planning on writing a 2000 word essay explaining to this particular restaurant why their management is fucked up ... but I couldn't be bothered, honestly. I think I'll just write something short, simple and to the point, and hand it to them on Monday.

Putting fat on the guys windscreen wipers ... now there's an idea ...


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Jul. 30th, 2000 10:11 am (UTC)
Resignation Letter
For a good resignation letter check out:

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Steve P

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