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The best things in life are free.

So, I've had an interesting time the last few days. Emerald was pretty fun. I made a big fool of myself on Saturday night (no details, sorry). Today I had this guy ring me while I was making up some network cable in the middle of a class.

I forgot to turn my mobile silent, so all the kids looked at me. I quickly hung it up by pressing a bunch of buttons through my pants.

It turned out to be one Father Peter Jones from Brookvale, NSW. It was, inevitably, a wrong number. Kinda cool though, I think =)

I also pulled apart a couple of old (and dead) hard drives laying around. Both 2gb, one IDE, one SCSI. The IDE one was pretty easy to pull apart. Just a matter of some force and a bunch of screwdrivers.

The SCSI was more difficult. The entire top of it was covered with an electrical tape type sticker, and all of the screws (in different sizes) were inverted hex screws. I ended up using allen keys, and when they ceased to work, brute force.

Now I have some lovely hard drive platters lying around on tissues. Hehe =)


Steve P
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