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'cause Emaline, don't walk in time

You have received a message!
tell me about your week steve

Lets see

  • I fucked up big time at work
    • First at Finch Hatton,
    • then at Eungella,
    • and finally at Sarina

  • My pay didn't go through on Friday (and won't go through until tomorrow. Its due to a "processing error in Brisbane")
  • Our lan got pushed back another week. Now that its been pushed back a week:
    • Its on the same date as MAD's
    • Nobody will go to the lan now its on the 17th
    • and we can't change the date again to a more suitable date on the fear that not even admin will go to it

  • Had to cancel the paintball
  • The radiator in my car died, which means:
    • I had to borrow my grandma's car because my MOTHER WOULDN'T LET ME BORROW HERS
    • Its going to cost about $200 to get my car fixed so in short

I've had a pretty bad fucken week.

the only real highlight was Emma

and you know what, she got a flat tire as she was about to leave this morning for Emerald

my bad luck washed off on her, thats how bad my bad luck was this week.


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Feb. 27th, 2001 09:59 am (UTC)
We all have weeks
Xian, we ALL have weeks like that, you just have to read my LJ as proof of that :)... Regarding your job(s), just learn from your mistakes and improve. I took your advice and I dont have bad days so often now....

Regarding The Lan, these things just happen, although if you dont mind me saying so, do you really need Xin there to help run it?. Thats all I'm going to say on the subject :P.

'Fate will get you part of the way, the rest you have to do yourself.' Is what I live by regarding 'fate' and 'luck'. Probably why I'm still in Mackay, cant be bothered to get off my butt and take myself the rest of the way.

Hope you feel better Stephen, see you later!
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Steve P

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