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See, told you my lucky bit of hematite helps my luck ;)

My poxy Barina is now running just fine, if you can excuse the usual problems (windows don't wind down, brakes/shocks/tires are shot, oil is overdue to be changed). It cost me $209 to get the radiator re-cored by someone questionable down the road. I hope it lasts too. It seems like a decent job.

My pay finally came through; I went down to the wreckers and found a couple of wheel covers (otherwise known as "hubcaps" but for some reason I refuse to call them that) for my car, so it doesn't look too bad now. $5 each, what a bargain. AND the same wreckers have a couple of old wheels I can have, to replace my two semi-buckled ones, for $22 each. Yesss. Time for new tyres, hehe.

Took D-Luxe's computer and a computer from one of the schools I work at into Darryl's place last night; despite my best intentions I managed to do very little work on them. Darryl jumped on D-Luxe's machine and promptly soldered an old DIN keyboard socket onto his motherboard. I didn't tell 'luxe till he got the board back, but he was happy about it.


Steve P
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