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Resignation letter.

So I finally wrote my resignation letter up tonight. I've resolved I'm going to do it tomorrow, no matter how scared I might be. For some, quitting a job is easy. For me, its one of the hardest things I ever have to do. I loathe having to quit a job.

I originally started with the intention of going through every point in my letter down to amazingly laborious detail as to what exactly is wrong with everything there. Then as I got lost in the specifics and logics of it, I realised I wouldn't be able to adequately express to them rationally my feelings. So I just put down the points (you'll see them below) without an explanation. I guess its better that way. In the end its exactly how I said it would be - short, simple and to the point.

Here it is:
To whom it may concern,

As of today, the 31st of July 2000, I hereby resign from my position at this restaurant. My reasons for doing so are:

· This job no longer interests or challenges me.
· I feel disillusioned about the entire system of management in McDonalds
· I don't believe I can continue to work under [the yelling guy's name] without causing friction
· I have another job which is more closely related to the career I would like follow.

Thank you for employing me for so long. While I hope that I've provided exemplary service and lived up to the ideal image of an employee, I know I probably haven't. In any case, I've gained some experience from my time here, which I will most likely put to use in other places of work for me in the future.
That's it. I'm not sure exactly what I should put at the bottom - one of either "Signed" "Yours sincerely" or something similar to the latter.

I think the thing I find hardest to bear when quitting is the inevitable "20 questions" (in corporate circles, I think its called an Exit interview). I used to be a lot weaker ... but these days, when I make a decision I tend to stick to it, unless it was a really dumb decision.

I'll write again in my journal after the deed has been done.


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Jul. 30th, 2000 08:47 pm (UTC)
Add This bit after you've made your points :)
It is rather unfortunate that I leave under these circumstances, however, it really isn't my fault that half the management has anal retention syndrome. Either that, or they just forget to remove the stick from their arses before coming to work. Wearing a blue shirt might make you the boss, but it certainly doesn't make you more intelligent. In fact, the blue probably represents what is going through the minds of most managerial staff. A great big empty stretch of blue nothingness.

Perhaps if some of you took the time to learn something useful, like spelling for instance, instead of complaining about how cheese should be put on a burger, we might be able to get along on a higher level than two dogs sniffing each other's arses.

I do have one thing to thank the managers for however. While it is quite obvious that you are all a bunch of dimwitted, uninspiring, derivative mormons, one must come to the realisation that my working life can only get better. After all, it couldn't get any worse.
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Steve P
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