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Yeah so I haven't posted for a few days either.

I've been pretty busy the last week with lots of interesting stuff happening.

I got a frantic call from my Dad on Wednesday, saying that the second of our two monitors had bit the dust. *sigh* Sure Dad, no worries, I'll organise to get one out there tonight. I borrowed one from Darryl, but didn't get home till about 11:30pm or so, when everybody else was asleep. Made a bit of noise setting up the monitors, and as it turned out, my monitor hadn't died.

Crisis averted.

Thursday was kick back and relax day at work, at least for me. I didn't do a whole lot. Went and had a sort of "meeting" with the other "admin" of our LAN group at uni. That was interesting too, because for once Adam didn't have much to say past "You guys have to organise next weeks LAN". Thanks for the advance warning, moron.

I don't feel like helping anyone set up their medium-scale LAN's anymore.

So yeah we organised some stuff and its still going to happen, which is good, I guess.
Friday was another kick back and relax day at work, followed by lannage in Jesse's room until 7am. Crashed at Damian's house, followed by more lannage at Darryl's house. Difference here is we got to sit outside with our PC's in the cool summer breeze (which was non-existant last night).

Have been neglecting my uni, which started last week. Oh well. Another week in the life of Xian.


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Mar. 12th, 2001 08:25 am (UTC)
cool summer breeze
Yes, darryl's place was a nice change. So cool and so much hardware and bandwidth.

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Steve P

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