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Her touch tickles, especially on my tummy

Well since Sunday I've worked, and worked again. Monday was pretty ordinary, except I finally got paid for my travel between the schools. About $150 or so. It was my Grandma's birthday (78) so I went down and wished her Happy Birthday. My Grandma is cool =)

Today (well, yesterday, now) I worked at a different school (Swayneville). I had to make a couple of trips back to Sarina to get some networking gear, but just as I got into my car to go back the second time I snapped the key off in the ignition. Eek. I called Mum and she gave me a lift out. I got a lift back in the arvo, and just stuck the remaining stub into the ignition and twisted. It roared, er, squeaked loudly. I'll still get it fixed later today. The locksmith said it'd cost no more than $50, which is fine by me.

So tonight I posted a bit of a rant on this livejournal account (which, incidentally, is now a shared journal. At the moment only Hajime, Myself and Bubbieangel have posting rights. If other people get accounts, I might add them too). It went a bit longer than I expected, but I hope everyone reads it. I imagine some people will come and read my journal now that it will link directly to it from the shared one.

Right now I'm pretty tired and listening to Massive Attack. Ugh, and wondering why I can't change the size of the input font in the LJ client. Come on! I want to be able to read what I type a metre from the screen!


Steve P
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