Steve P (xian) wrote,
Steve P

Supersonic, magnifique. Trei trei cool, and trei trei chic.

I forgot to mention my case =)

With my CD burner now working again, I got a very old SCSI card to replace mine (which no longer works), and decided I would buy a new case for my computer so I could actually have the CD-R installed for once.

So the clear case is no longer, folks. I did the swap last night, but it didn't work because I didn't have a bracket to put my hd in a 5 1/4 bay and I plugged the CD-ROM into the UDMA/66 bus, which it didn't like.

I fixed it up this arvo, and it all works fine. Looks good, feels like I have a brand new computer now. Something to remember for the future =)
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