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Couple of funny things that happened yesterday that I forgot to mention:

  • Went round to Greg's and said hi, got a couple receipts off him. We decided to go and see Penny, seeing as how she lives (literally) over the back fence. The door was open, her boyfriend was draped naked over her, and they were watching Neighbours. We laughed to ourselves and promptly left.
  • Later that night I went to Darryl's house. Shed was all dark, but my coming to the door alerted Darryl to the presence of someone lurking in there. Lauren got busted :p Ha ha, suck it Lauren. And all I did was show up!
  • Went to Damian's, fell asleep there. Woke up, went to Jesse's, fell asleep there. Anyone noticing a pattern here? Drinks beer all the time, sleeps at everyones place but his own? Hmm ...

Anyway, I've gotta get some sleep.


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Mar. 27th, 2001 07:33 pm (UTC)
Hey, what can I say, I was hot! Not my bloody fault your country can't afford proper cooling systems called snow storms. ;) Besides, I had to show you what a real man looks like... see? That's called "hair" ;)
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Steve P

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