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Well, Hajime just got me hooked on WinJab. What a great idea. It gets Slashdot and memepool.com headlines too. Only thing wrong with it at the moment is that it isn't showing the online status of some people on my "roster" (contact list in icq speak).

I handed in my resignation. The owners were there, and they were nice about it, as they tend to be. I ended up stating my side of the story (re: yelling manager) and then walked out. There goes four and a half years.

So I went out and bought some butterscotch schnapps and some baileys so I can get drunk on buttery nipples some time this week, probably when I get out to Emerald and my girlfriend. I've never had buttery nipples before, and it seems like something nice to get maggoted on. Sort of a celebration thing.


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Aug. 1st, 2000 07:23 am (UTC)
Let's just think about this for a few seconds... "Get maggoted on buttery nipples." This sounds like a StinkyFeet job. No, really. Anyway, there's about four litres of milk and a chocolate cake in the fridge with my name on it.

Well, my name's not on the cake, but I'm planning to carve it into the luscious chocolate icing.
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Steve P

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