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Well, I've had an interesting holidays, but now its back to work.

Lets see, Friday was Good Friday, so I was relaxing back Thursday evening, going over my plans Friday (go to MAD LAN; have obscene amounts of fun; meet Emma when she arrives at about 10pm).

Then Emma turned up. Oh ho! She played me like a fool. Remember, its Good Friday? The number of people not working greatly outnumber the people working. This essential thought somehow slipped through the intelligent sieve. So yeah. I still went to the MAD LAN. Had a blast, but Emma started getting bored around 1pm. I managed to stretch it out till about 2pm, and we ended up leaving by 2:30pm. Bummed around the rest of the day.

Saturday we left to go to Airlie Beach (local tourist destination; neither of us have been there before). Its a popular spot with a) young people and b) backpackers for firstly the night life and secondly the whitsunday islands. We got there around 3:30pm, checked in and went shopping. I bought a couple new belts, one bright orange and one black. Emma bought a bucket cap.

Sunday we pretty much just lazed around eating chocolate (remember, it was Easter?), watching pay tv and occasionally wandering down the street for something or other. We got some information on cruises, and decided on a cheap three island cruise. Booked that for Monday.

Monday was taken up entirely by the cruise. First up was Hook Island, which I'm sure if you've been to a high school in the Mackay region, chances are you've been to Hook Island on a school trip (Emma had). We went snorkelling, which was fun, except the salt water stung my eyes and nose. Emma and I both hate salt water.

Then the guy fed a bunch of tropical fish; I shamelessly took photos. After that was Whitehaven Beach, which consists of white silica (silicon?) sand. The sand never gets hot because of this, but is kind of like trying to look at snow without sunglasses during the day.

Emma and I frolicked about a bit, but then spent the rest of the hour or so in the shade, squinting. I'm going to get some tinted prescription sunglasses. One of the neater things was the fact that because the sand was silica, and there were no rocks, the boat (a pretty big people mover) could simply beach itself, and everyone could just step off the front and walk onto the sand.

After that they dropped us off at South Molle Island, to do whatever we pleased. They have a terrible cafe there, don't go there. When we were snorkelling the photographer snapped a photo of all the couples, including us. On South Molle he got them printed out (he took the photos with a professional digital camera) on special waterproof paper. I went to collect ours from him while we were waiting on the jetty for the boat to come back. He picked it out, said "This one you-" and the wind blew it out of his hand into the water.

Keep in mind there was about 50 people standing around on the jetty too. I just went "Shit" and cracked up laughing. Even better, the guy had a funny look on his face. "The photos are printed on waterproof paper, so it should be right." He looked like (and was) he was having an internal struggle over whether he should just let the photo be or go and get another one printed.

He stripped down to his jocks, and dived in and got the photo. I got a photo of him in the water, holding up our photo. Come on, it was memorable.

It turned out the photo was water damaged anyway (and he said he wouldn't tell his clients ever again that it was actually 100% waterproof), so he followed us back to Airlie Beach and got another printed at the photo lab there.

Tuesday we came back to my place, and I made a snap decision to follow Emma back to Emerald for the rest of my holidays.

If I ever go back to Airlie Beach, I will go on the Ragamuffin (a Maxi racing yacht) with Emma.

Other tidbits:
I'm taking my phone back to get replaced/repaired. The screen on it is stuffed. I have an infrared port for my computer, and enabled digital data on my phone, and so can do all sorts of fancy stuff with my phone (except the screen is stuffed). Still haven't paid for it yet, but thanks Darryl =). Also borrowed an S3 Savage4 from Darryl, does wonders for my gaming, yet totally disagrees with Windows 2000. Regular blue screens, and I when I scroll in IE I get skipping sound from compressed audio, as well as some other things too. All things going well, my clear case should be one of the two in the hotbox section of Atomic MPC magazine, Issue 5 (next months, issue 4 just came out this week). Atomic MPC Magazine rocks. Somebody got cut when I deleted their topic on a messageboard I administer, I bought two new Moby CD's, I re-ripped Gatecrasher into beta4 ogg's, and oh shit Kenny I've forgotten to take a breath *kaboom*.


Steve P
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