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[23:20] <Nich[idl_hw]> cool that baby down to near absolute zero, and hope the core don't crack :)
[23:20] <Wilkshake> the window would be cool if you saw your CPU explode after oc'ing t!
[23:20] <Xian> Nich[idl_hw]: -200C ? :P
[23:21] * Nich[idl_hw] nods
[23:21] * Xian *coughs*
[23:21] <Nich[idl_hw]> and they throught a fop28 was good ;)
[23:21] * Wilkshake shivers
[23:21] <Nich[idl_hw]> *38
[23:21] <Xian> nitrogen all the way! :p
[23:21] <Potatocake> penis
[23:21] <Wilkshake> that wouldn't work, i don't think
[23:22] <Xian> its called a turkey slap
[23:22] <Wilkshake> ice and stuff would form on the components
[23:22] <Xian> teach that bitch ass cpu some respect :p


Steve P
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