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Ahh, the last few days. I've been up to all sorts of things, including, as per usual, up to my ears in bills.

I finally got paid today; I won't see much of it because of the bills.

Last Sunday (for those who don't already know) I moved in with Greg, at least its a partial move, because I do so much work in my home town it just ends up cheaper staying with my olds for a few nights every week.

I borrowed a 100mb parallel zip drive from work yesterday, so far its been working fantastic. A little slow, but I can live with it. It tends to hog system resources.

A couple of old friends started journals, fantastic couple. I should know, I dated one of them for three years. (And I'm happy that I can be rhetorical about it now)

Damn, I wish my pay would come through sometime soon. I want some money so I can get some fuel so I can get back to my computer.


Credit cards are really handy, but at the same time they suck. Don't ever get one, but if you have to, only get one with the lowest possible limit.


Steve P
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