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Tales of childhood

Well that was interesting to say the least.

Just so I don't have to explain it to too many more people, what happens every year is some bunch of people organise whats called a "read-in", where school kids around the world get to chat with all their favourite kids authors. At the school I work at, it means they have to stay up all night reading books and chatting.

Sandra (my boss) asked me to drop by about 1am and bring one of my favourite books I read as a kid with me to read to the kids there. I ended up bringing a bunch of books that I found, including a couple of Dr. Seuss books, an Enid Blyton book (thats old sk00l childrens literature you fools), and a Roald Dahl book of mine. I ended up reading a couple of chapters out of the Roald Dahl book. (Its actually his autobiography, "Boy")

The Deputy Principal had also gotten a whole bunch of simple puzzles scanned in from a book, and then strung together as a Powerpoint presentation, so I helped a few kids figure them out. Only one or two I couldn't get properly.

I meant to stay for only an hour but ended up staying for two hours (sorry Greg I couldn't help it).

P.S. My previous entry was encoded in ROT13, for those of you who hadn't figured it out yet (or been told - fools)


Steve P
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