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Take some notice

[00:45] <Aquilae> anything else, cause im closing my gamesnet client
[00:45] <Xian> gf3
[00:46] <Dante> Herc gf2ultras...
[00:46] <Aquilae> Asus 8200 deluxe gf3: $499
[00:46] <Aquilae> they're saying thats better than the herc
[00:46] <Dante> Nah, I just want a herc gf2 ultra
[00:46] <Xian> probably because it comes with the ULTRA COOL drivers :p
[00:47] <Dante> what, the cheating drivers? :P
[00:47] <Aquilae> no xian, its actually faster than the herc


Steve P
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