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Hardware, competing lans, other stuff.

Well, I ordered my G200 today. Should be here by Thursday or Friday (more spread, less people here in Australia, so some things tend to take a couple days to get anywhere). If I ever actually get the money for my cards (tradesecure.com.au haven't replied to my email; neither have I seen a cheque in the mail yet. Time will tell, I guess. I really don't want to get screwed). Besides, there's a very nice deal over at ozbuy.com. Cordless keyboard, mouse, and quickcam for $254, and a $70 rebate.

I'm probably a sucker for specials, but hey, somebody's gotta respond to all this stuff. In any case, I want to put some photos up on here.

It turns out [XiN] has been organising quite a lot for his competing lan party. Obviously the website is still under construction, but they are working hard and fast on bringing it up to production quality. MAD Gamers have a refurbished site, looking very polished and stuff. Tony and Cara are still trying to cater to the younger generation (below 16) as well as adults. Pfft. I hate ^H^H^H^H loathe the way they "administer" their messageboard. I guess it is their messageboard, so they can do whatever they like with it. Although they still do remove posts they don't like, as well as censor those they deem unsuitable for children.

Something tells me there is never going to be a way for them to wear steel-plated jocks, ever.

I'm also lagging behind again in my university studies. I find it extremely difficult to summon the motivation needed to even write a 2000 word essay on ethics and computing (researched). Actually, to summon the motivation to do any assignments.

I don't want to fail.


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Aug. 1st, 2000 08:15 am (UTC)
"Something tells me there is never going to be a way for them to wear steel-plated jocks, ever."

Hehe, sure there is, we just have to make sure there aren't any tragic accidents involving electrified chairs or barstools...

Well, _they_ do. It's not like it's our job to look after them and their clumsy-ass bolt-tripping friends. :P
Aug. 1st, 2000 01:18 pm (UTC)
just a reply
after working all night i feel very tired and makes it hard to think and create... ppl need rest

so you update your site on the daily basis..?cool

i try to do mine ,but today got stuck with thelan website design..
do you ever get the feeling when after you done something you want to clear everything out and start again! i feel just like that right now..

oh i'm behind the uni studies too... haven't done shit all...wish me luck!
talk soon stephen
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Steve P

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