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Sugar pie, honey bunch

I talked to Emma for the first time in 24 hours tonight! It was great, she tried to make out that she was better than me, but failed somewhat.

Also, I'm the Devil (because I tried to justify looking at other women) and she is God (because she doesn't look at other guys). Actually, that gay personal trainer from BB is pretty good looking.

Anyway, I took an emotional IQ test over at Emode (Emma: "and failed!"). I got a score of 123.

Here's the summary:

Based on your impressive score across the board, we can tell that you not only tend to be really in tune with others, but you're also pretty darn good at keeping the right perspective on life. Sure, it's sometimes hard to juggle everything that goes into your relationships with friends and family, but most of the time you're a star when it comes to balancing your emotional needs with everyone else's.


Steve P
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