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Okay, here's an example

I came downstairs this morning to have a shower. Nova's litter tray was sitting beside the computer chair.

I am meant to take this as a subtle hint that the litter tray needs to be changed, even though I can't smell anything. (I put it back where it was supposed to be anyway)

It wouldn't kill him to be nice about it for once, and just ask me (nicely) to change it because it smells.

For example:
"Steve, could you change the litter tray, its starting to smell"

Closer to the truth (and yes he has said this a few times):
"That bloody litter tray is starting to really stink!" (at which point he simply walks off). Either that or he will just stare at me and mutter something about the litter tray.

This is typical of the way Dad is in the morning; if Dad is in a good mood in the morning, then it is a rare thing. Actually, if he's in a good mood anytime, its a rare thing. And when he's in a bad mood (which is to say all the time) he likes to simply be a smart-arse about the tiniest things. Which is to say he is rude and ceases to have manners, while expecting those he interacts with to have them.

He also likes to ignore everyone as well. Try saying "Hi, how was your day" or "Good morning" to him and the best you will get is a grunt, a stare or nothing at all.


Steve P
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