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Yay for Emma being around! Life seems so dull and boring without her around =(

Went and saw The Mummy Returns; it was, as I half expected it to be, a total piece of shit (even in the action department). Then watched on DVD Snatch and American Psycho afterwards, followed by all the interesting bits of Tron.

Snatch was good; but compared to LS&TSB (as it inevitably does) it is similar only in the setting. Of note for me was the triple-viewpoint event (only name I can think of for it; think of the burning guy in LS&TSB) and Bullet-tooth Tony's proper handling of a DE .50. Someone should record that sound and put it in CS.

Oh and American Psycho. It was ok, at least it had something to say. Its "Die yuppie scum" not "Die yuppie sluts". Good aim with the chainsaw.

Went over to Darryl's last night to burn some CD's; he was really tired and really pissed off. I don't know whether it was mainly me, the problem with the computer or the amount of people hanging around the shed on a week night.

I'm sorry if I was a pain in the ass Darryl.

Yay for Bjork. (Couldn't be bothered inserting an umlaut)


Steve P
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