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Sugar spun sadness

Went out and visited Emma on the weekend. Great things, I managed to get my head above water, metaphorically speaking. Hopefully it stays that way. (Not holding my breath ... pun definitely intended!)

Sometimes I get this feeling (and yes, it tends to coincide with other people's events) that I should try to present myself in a better light to some people, so that it looks like I've changed, when inside it feels like I haven't. Have I really changed that much over the past few years?

I mean, I'm still hopeless with money. The only way I couldn't be was if I earned more than I knew what to do with, and even then it'd be a stretch.

I still can't move out of home completely, not on my own, but then, I'm limited by my job(s). Technically I could get a better job (actually I could if I wanted to) however I really like this job, just doesn't pay me enough money.

I guess I can always keep my dreams and ambitions, which are ever-changing.


Steve P
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