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A copycat in nature, I present:

My average Weekday
7:00am - Alarm goes off
7:15am - Other alarm goes off
7:25am - Get out of bed (sometimes this can be 8:15am)
7:30am - Shower (can sometimes be 7:45)
8:10am - Get out of shower
8:15am - Leave for work
8:16am - Arrive at work (although this is different everyday; most days I am supposed to start work at 8:00am, other days 8:30, 9, or 9:30. I am usually 10-15 mins late, with a max of 30-40 mins late)
11:00am - Lunch break (30 mins)
3:00pm - When I am supposed to finish work
4:00pm - When I usually finish work
4:01pm - Get home from work (again, varies depending on day, sometimes I don't get home until 6pm)
4:02pm - Check mail and LJ.


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Jun. 4th, 2001 09:18 pm (UTC)
Ay!!! Buddy!!!
You'd probably thought i had died or something.
well thats not surpising considering i haven't been on the net for hmmmm 3months.
I still don't have the net at home yet.
Will soon hopefully.
I've been fantastic. I have big news.
As always,, i have big news hehehee
My new home number is 3266 5314
Gimme a call thursday night if you wish.
Have fun buddy.
I've updated my journal but its just letting all you guys know that i am still alive and kicking.
Catchya mate!
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Steve P

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