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My god comes in a wrapper of cellophane

I'm out Koumala State School today. I really love this school; there's lots of middle-aged woman here who treat me like a lovable older son.

Seriously, they dote on me. If I don't bring any lunch, they make me some. One of the teachers asked me today "It must feel good to have everyone in a school appreciate you so much for once." Actually I just like the attention, one way or the other. Its better than having them not care what I do, good or bad, like Sarina does.

Yep, she hit the nail right on the head. At the moment I am "designing" (and I use the term loosely here) their web page for them on an iMac. I downloaded the shareware version of pagespinner, its too bad the port for the Gimp on ppc isn't finished yet.

I wouldn't mind getting an iMac. I can admit it. I love the compactness of it. This iMac has a DVD player in it ... I know the new ones have CD-RW's in them. Or is it DVD-R's? If I got one it would have to be one that wouldn't die on me as soon as I got more than 10 IE (or whatever I would be using ... probably Opera!) windows open.

Update: I took out the font-size attribute on all of my CSS tags at the top of mine and my friends pages, so you aren't forced to view it in 8pt Verdana (which incidentally looks terrible on this mac) and can change it using IE's text sizing option (presumably its in lots of other browsers as well).


Steve P
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