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The urge to flee came suddenly

What a weekend.

Friday I decided to go around to Darryl's house, on the pretense of doing ... something. I ended up surfing the net and talking to Grigori for a while; and finishing off the little page thing he helped me create. Thanks Grigori.

Around 2am I packed up and on the way home thought "Hey, that LAN over at Slade Point is probably underway" so I went back to Greg's, changed, grabbed my monitor and headed on over.

I ended up being there for about ... 24 hours. I borrowed a sleeping bag from a friend and slept on the floor from 6am till 10am. I helped them clean up after it finished at 2am, and took off at 2:45am. Got to bed at 3am.

I ended up sleeping until 2pm Sunday. Upon waking, I realised I had a really sore neck. I don't know what I've done to it but its likely got something to do with the crap plastic chairs at the venue for the LAN. I went for a drive and got some Subway, my magazine back from Darryl. I got back around 3:30pm, and instead of plugging my computer in decided to lay down and read some more of my book (Winter's Heart). After a chapter I fell asleep again, and slept until 8pm, when I got a message from Emma saying she was going out and would call me later (which is good because otherwise I would have forgotten again to ring her).

I decided to get up, even though I felt like absolute shit despite the amount of sleep. Emma called, but I wasn't very attentive and she was tired so the chat didn't last long. I talked to Grigori online for a while, and he told me all about how he runs every day and how good it feels. So I decided to go for a run.

At 2am.

So I went for a run over to Damian's place. We walked back, he's here now, half awake, and I'm about to take him home. The run made me feel a little bit better, but my neck is still mega sore, and my leg is fatigued sore now too (but that doesn't bother me).

On the way over I ran into a guy I know who was at the LAN. Kind of funny. I was crossing the major highway, and he was crossing from the other way (it was a 4-way intersection) to get to the service station on the corner. It was like:

Him: "What the fuck?"

Me: "What the fuck?"

It turned out he was heading to the service station because he needed a condom so he could fuck the brains out of some chick in a motel down the road. He offered me a threesome.

I respectfully denied, mainly because I have a gf, and value the relationship we have, and to a lesser degree because the photo on the license showed uh, someone that I wouldn't really go to bed with.

So, all in all, a very eventful weekend.


Steve P
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