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Didn't do much today. Went out to Dows Creek and finished making clipart heaven out there.

Dropped a laptop off at Finch Hatton.

Checked out the new non-slip steps at Gargett (they worked fast on that one).

Went shopping, bought the new Gatecrasher double album and some kitty litter. Going home soon.

Went round to Penny's, got my invitation to her engagement to Nils.

Going round to Darryl's now to pick up a computer for Koumala tomorrow.

I'm looking to get a copy of PCU (Pit Party) as one of those birthday presents that I *really* want, next to a copy of DAAS: Live in New York. The first is a lot easier to obtain, but getting it in a PAL format could be difficult.

That is all.


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Jun. 20th, 2001 04:33 am (UTC)
nils n penny, hey?
english boy... ooh... where will they be living? here or there?
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Steve P

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