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Checked my uni email the other day. Here's a choice excerpt from one of them:

Dear Stephen,

We are writing to you today because the one-year anniversary of your free Namezero membership is coming soon. When you joined Namezero, we paid to register gibah.net for a year. As a member, our service has allowed you to point gibah.net to the website of your choice and you’ve had a personalized email address. You’ve received our service for free even though many registrars charge $35 for domain registrations alone (and often charge over $100 for full service package you get with Namezero).

I've ignored the incessant emails from them (about one a week) in some hope that they might stop, and of course the old fear if I reply, there'll just be more email.

Here's my reply:
Re "my" domain "gibah.net"

About fucking time you decided to take it back. Stop sending me email.

When I originally made the bad decision to join, the Terms & Conditions explicitly stated (several times if I remember) that if I didn't do anything with gibah.net, I'd forfeit the whole thing in a month.

I didn't do anything, and nearly a year later I continue to receive spam, about "my" domain, "gibah.net". It was a mistake to register the domain in the first place through your company. The domain's yours to do with (or throw away - I don't care).

Please stop sending me email about it.


Stephen Poole, former owner of gibah.net


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Jun. 19th, 2001 04:00 pm (UTC)
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Steve P

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