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I doubt anyone really noticed that I haven't posted since last Thursday.

Emma came out on Saturday afternoon. I would have posted but I was too busy writing a review for lizvang. Saturday night we went to the cinema and watched Shrek. Sunday was sleep-in day, I gave Emma a great massage.

Monday was shopping day; by sheer coincidence it was also the yearly mega sale at Canelands (uh, the mall). Emma bought a new pair of jeans, I got this fantastic shirt for about $15 AUD. And we bought Wild 11, Gone in 60 Seconds soundtrack and the Gorillaz single, Clint Eastwood. I like the film clip for it. Feels like a flash animation.

After shopping we went and saw Tomb Raider. It wasn't too cheesy. I'm looking forward to Bridget Jones' Diary. Too bad Hugh Grant is in it.

Tuesday I paid my speeding fine, got a bus ticket back from Emerald and headed out there with Emma. I brought my computer but forgot the power cable; obviously I got hold of one yesterday (Wednesday) otherwise I wouldn't be on the net now.

I like The Whistle Song by DJ Aligator, if only for the underlying sexual innuendo it describes.


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Jul. 1st, 2001 06:04 am (UTC)
umm yeah
I was gonna add a recommendation for similar movies on that tomb raider page, but tehy want me to register so I spose no one will be hiring debbie does dallas in the hope that it is in the same genre as tomb raider.
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