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Well, Friday night ... hmm. I think I'll just summarise it quickly. We arrived at about 7:30 or so. Had a minor emergency because I forgot to bring shot glasses. We ended up using those little coffee mugs used for short black coffees.

I paced myself out quite well, but in the end ignored all advice about safe drinking, and proceeded to get almost paralytic. So did everyone else that was there. Slippery nipples, B-52's, black russians (not liked) and white russians all went down. Lots of fun, not much hangover the next day for some reason. Blacked out at about 12am (I do that when I get drunk) and came to in the morning wearing nothing and lying next to my girlfriend.

We kicked back and relaxed the next night, starting at one of my girlfriends friends' houses (someone correct that grammar for me) and then moving to "the tavern". My drinking partner and I were undecided as to what exactly it was trying to be the most - lame attempt at a nightclub, pub, pokie hall, or bikie club. Lots of rednecks, hicks, cowboys and farmboys. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

In other news, about two minutes before I left for work on Friday I got my new G200. Which meant I wouldn't get a chance until just now to install it and stuff. Also the auction I won on sold.com.au didn't work out. The seller refused to answer any of my emails, so I'm pulling out (the three day mark has passed). I'm not particularly fussed if I lose my account on sold.com.au. Instead I'll go for that deal at ozbuy.com I mentioned earlier. Can't wait to get them.

About the G200, I have to say I'm impressed. Finally, I have a decent video card that can do more than my monitor can handle. I've read lots of reviews on it, and they all praised it for its outstanding 2D performance. I don't need 3D that much.


Steve P
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