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You've got to know your chicken

Here's something that really frustrates me. Movies. There's always "a good one". Its a never ending circle (possibly could be associated with fill bars). You see the promo on tv; watching another movie etc and say to yourself, "That looks like a movie I'd like to see soon.". Or something like that.

And so you go and see it. People are looking forward to seeing The Matrix Reloaded, which apparently isn't due out until late 2003.

Aarggh. Its just something that we peons can do nothing about it. Sure, the way it works sucks, but its never going to end; next time you see a promo you will stiill want to see "this years greatest film".

And another thing that bothers me ... well ... I'll leave that for another day I think. Maybe a friends only entry or something.


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Aug. 12th, 2001 06:41 pm (UTC)
Simple solution: don't see them. Most movies are really stupid. Can you even name the movies you saw last year?
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Steve P

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